Wednesday, February 24, 2010

People Everywhere Are Talking Hockey

I find myself in Florida, where my company runs the Big Ten/BIG EAST Baseball Challenge, which takes place this weekend in St. Petersburg and Clearwater, FL, during the biggest hockey event of the past four years. While it's hardly hockey country, people here are jacked up and talking about today's U.S.-Switzerland and Canada-Russia games. My challenge: to find a place during my site visits to watch the games. Wish me luck.

In the meantime, spread the word about our event! Thirty NCAA Division I baseball games in three days at current and former major league spring training facilities. Entire weekend pass only $25. Maybe I'll see someone here!

By the way, if you told me in 1980 that I would grow up to be rooting for Russia in a hockey game vs. Canada, I'd have asked you where you got whatever you were smoking.

Should be another epic day of hockey. May not have time to post more, but I'll try.

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